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[review] Sherlock Holmes LEGO

Last year I saw a Sherlock Holmes LEGO on Twitter. When I went to England, I looked around toy shops to find one in vain. The only thing I found in London was a giant Holmes LEGO in Hamleys. A

[film] “Young Sherlock Holmes”

Young Sherlock Holmes (1985) – IMDb I watched it on TV when I was a teenager. This is a story about teenage Sherlock Holmes. No connection to the Canon. The problem is Watson looks exactly like Harry Potter and

[Crystal Puzzle] Snoopy Detective

I bought a Crystal Puzzle of Snoopy Detective. At first I tried to solve it without seeing the manual (It has only 34 pieces!), but I soon gave up. You can find the link to the PDF manual on the

[Pipe] Churchwarden Mini Pipe

I bought a cheap Churchwarden Pipe, which is a pipe with a long stem, on eBay. It’s from Ukraine. 4.99 dollars with free shipping. Lots of stamps. Good for a stamp collector like me. It’s a very small pipe. It

Sherlock Holmes-focused social media

I’ve just set up a new Sherlock Holmes-focused social media, based on GNU social. You can create an account, subscribe me, or share your ideas about Sherlock Holmes! Sherlock Holmes Social

How problems should be solved

I believe the most important thing in consulting business is meeting a client’s desire. The rule also should be applied to romantic and other business relationships.

The Turkish basth

According to “The Adventure of the Illustrious Client”, Holmes and Watson ‘had a weakness for the Turkish bath’, which means they liked the bath very much. It says the Turkish bath is located on the Northumberland Avenue in London. When

[Review][Pipe Smoking] Honeydew Tabacco

In ‘The Adventure of the Cardboard Box’, the box used in the case was the one of honeydew. It’s unclear what kind of tobacco it is, but I found there was a pipe tobacco of that kind. Here is the

[Review][Pipe Smoking] Falcon Pipe

They say it’s easier to cool smoke with a Falcon Pipe, so I bought one on eBay. It was 28.99 GBP with 1 GBP international shipping fee. The bowl is slightly small, and it’s good to smoke for a short

New name for the website

As you can see, the name of our website has changed from “The Flying Holmesian” to “Sherlock Holmes Topia”. The URL has changed as well, and all usernames of the SNS have changed accordingly. When I set up the website,