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[Pipe] Churchwarden Mini Pipe

I bought a cheap Churchwarden Pipe, which is a pipe with a long stem, on eBay. It’s from Ukraine. 4.99 dollars with free shipping. Lots of stamps. Good for a stamp collector like me. It’s a very small pipe. It

[Review][Pipe Smoking] Honeydew Tabacco

In ‘The Adventure of the Cardboard Box’, the box used in the case was the one of honeydew. It’s unclear what kind of tobacco it is, but I found there was a pipe tobacco of that kind. Here is the

[Review][Pipe Smoking] Falcon Pipe

They say it’s easier to cool smoke with a Falcon Pipe, so I bought one on eBay. It was 28.99 GBP with 1 GBP international shipping fee. The bowl is slightly small, and it’s good to smoke for a short