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1: Miniature 221B (Feb 2018)

I found someone on the web who made a miniature room of 221B Baker Street. I tried something similar.

The door of 221B Baker Street.



Let’s look at the details.


1: books
2: a chess piece
3: a pen and ink
4: a pocket watch
5: a dice (Watson like gambling.)
6: Rubik’s Cube
7: VR (Holmes shot it with a gun.)
8: a picture of Reichenbach Falls
9: letters transfixed by a jack-knife (See “The Musgrave Ritual”)
10: a mirror
11: a pistol
12: a fireplace
13: a fire hook
14: a lamp (it will automatically be lit when the box is opened)


15: flasks, test tubes
16: a microscope
17: “I AM SHERLOCKED” written with a e-ink
18: The Times (The paper is made with a actual British newspaper.)
19: sofas
20: a pipe and a magnifier
21: a Japanese encyclopedia
22: a skelton
23: glasses
24: a violin
25: a dog

You can see how the lamp is being lit.

Pixie Hill: 221B Baker Street

221B Baker Street Altoids style tin / Sherlock Holmes

2: Rubik’s Cube of Sherlock Holmes (April 2018)



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