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Sherlock Holmes-focused social media

I’ve just set up a new Sherlock Holmes-focused social media, based on GNU social. You can create an account, subscribe me, or share your ideas about Sherlock Holmes! Sherlock Holmes Social

How problems should be solved

I believe the most important thing in consulting business is meeting a client’s desire. The rule also should be applied to romantic and other business relationships.

New name for the website

As you can see, the name of our website has changed from “The Flying Holmesian” to “Sherlock Holmes Topia”. The URL has changed as well, and all usernames of the SNS have changed accordingly. When I set up the website,

Papa Cake for Father’s Day from Chateraise

On Father’s Day, I found many tweets about “Watson Cake”. They say Chateraise, a Japanese cake company, offered a special cake for Father’s Day, and it looked exactly like Dr Watson. It was called “Papa Cake for Father’s Day”. Chateraise